Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick update tonight

I was dreading doing a blog tonight...not because I had a bad day, but because I am so freaking exhausted! But blogging daily is one of my challenge goals. Then I realized that not every post needs to be forever long. So I will try to make this short and sweet since once I start typing I tend to get carried away :)

Today went well, it was just incredibly long. It started of with snow. Great. I really don't like cold weather. Not sure why I live in Minnesota! Anyway, food was great today. We went to my parents for dinner before church and my mom made spaghetti. Since she is gluten free I ended up choosing her brown rice noodles over the regular white pasta. Great choice! They were awesome! I might try to use that instead of whole wheat pasta (which I only use because I know it's better for me). I have always preferred regular angel hair pasta over anything else, but these were incredible! I had a nice portion and one slice of bread. Bad part was that I added crushed red pepper. I added a little too much of it...ended up with another piece of bread and a glass of 2% milk since that's all they had. I only poured myself about half a glass though. I felt really full after dinner. I think it was due to the extra piece of bread.

Had to take a rest day for workout today since I literally had no time. And I am going to head to bed shortly since I keep having to retype words here...I keep messing up because my eyes are crossing trying to see the computer screen! Good night and I hope everyone had a great day today!

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