Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I finally found it!!!

After searching and searching boxes that have yet to be unpacked and coming up empty handed, I finally found my iPod charger! In a most unusual place, I might add! It was in a basket on top of my fridge. Go figure. Never thought to look there! I was actually looking for batteries at the time. I lifted the basket and I knew there was no batteries in it, but I looked anyway. Lo and behold, there my charger sat. I was sooo excited! I even said "Huzzah" (my sister is trying to incorporate that word back into everyday language) because I couldn't believe I finally found one! What is sad is that we actually have 3 of them and they were all missing. So my iPod is now charging up. I also took the advice of a fellow BTLer Lynette S. and tried using a magnet from my hubbies old work pin he had to wear in order to get the treadmill working. It worked!!! I seriously am ecstatic that I will be able to run tomorrow!!! I would do it tonight, but the baby still cluster feeds at night, making it virtually impossible to do anything other than nurse him. So tomorrow morning I am gonna go for a run! It's been sooo long! I know I will have to ease myself into it again, but I so look forward to it.

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