Sunday, October 24, 2010

The day is not over til it's over

I had a rough day. So to speak. It wasn't rough as far as the challenge goes. Not really. The hubby got on my every last nerve since last night. I hate that!

So last night I did manage to get about an hours worth of knitting done. I am hoping that with my goal to do it every day I might manage to actually finish this blanket. When I do I will post a pic so I can share it with everyone! Anyway, the hubby was on his computer until 2 am! So this meant that I didn't get any extra rest this morning, he needed it. He got it yesterday too. Typically we take turns on the day he sleeps in, one day I sleep in. This time I didn't get any extra sleep at all! I was a little annoyed. But that wasn't the kicker...the kicker was when he got up and got right back on his computer! Now, we have a 2 year old and a 2 month'd think he would do something to help! Ugh! However, I did not let my annoyance with him overflow into my eating. I ate really well all day today. I might have one more little snack this evening still, but I doubt it. The later it gets, the less likely I am to eat because I don't like eating too close to bedtime. The only thing that ended up being affected today was my workout. I was going to go to my mom's for a walk, but we ended up not walking. The 2 month old has had a tummy ache this afternoon/evening and I didn't get to do anything except try to comfort a screaming baby. He is finally sleeping in his swing at the moment, but I don't expect that to last very long!

So all in all, the day wasn't lost. Healthy eating always makes me feel better! And I still have time to do some sort of workout, but I think I will take a day off and try again tomorrow. It's no big deal, yet. However, the day isn't done! There are still hours left for me to accomplish at least 2 more things! I plan on knitting for 30 minutes while watching a movie, maybe I will walk for 30 minutes first...

I was at my mom's for dinner tonight since the hubby is at BWW for the Viking/Packer game. She made tilapia and rice. Yummy! I was going to make chicken and rice, so this was right up my alley for the evening. The only thing that would have made it better is if it were brown rice instead of white rice. Oh well. It was still good.

I was amazed to see an almost 2 pound difference between today and yesterday on the scale, but it was definitely in the right direction! I only post my official weight on Saturday's, so I will just see if we can make it lower by then! For the 33 Day Challenge I will record my weight daily, but I will only record pounds lost on Saturdays.

Day 1 of 33 numbers:
CE 2/55
RT 0/15
CT 1/20
WL 0/8
PG1 1/33
PG2 1/22
PG3 1/33

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