Sunday, October 10, 2010

My rest day

So like I said yesterday, today is my rest day. Which ended up being a good thing because I really don't have any idea where I would have fit it in!

We had such big plans for my daughters' birthday today. However, most of it didn't turn out quite how we wanted. Naps were needed sooner, lines were longer than we thought, and we just plain ran out of time. Regardless, the day was still a success for the girls. They both had a blast! My eating was less than great because of it all, but I made better choices than I usually would have. We ended up at Dairy Queen for lunch when we found out the wait at the restaurant was and hour and a half! I ordered a bbq sandwhich and when they asked if I wanted the combo I hesitated, but said no. The hubby got me a glass of water (I love that he is totally getting this!). I did eat some of his fries and about half of his cheese curds, but it was better than eating a whole order myself. We did get dessert, of course. But when he asked if I wanted a medium blizzard I said no, just a small. I was so glad he asked me! Earlier today he offered me a strawberry and a mudball, and I declined on both because I just wasn't hungry. I feel like I am listening to my body more than I did just a week ago. Tonight after dinner (which was bbq...go figure!) I realized that I was still feeling hungry. Usually I give myself about 20-30 minutes for food to settle before I would eat anything more. I felt hungry, but when I drank some water it totally did the trick. So I must be slightly dehydrated for the sodium in my food. Dinner consisted of pork sandwhiches with bbq sauce and potato chips. Definitely not something I would normally have, but it was yummy.

Tomorrow is Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge. I am scheduled to do a 4 mile run/walk, but I think I will try for 3 since I didn't quite manage it yesterday. The hubby has the day off tomorrow, so I know I will have the chance to get the whole workout in without feeling rushed too much.

Oh, and yesterday was my weigh in day. I weighed in at 197.6, which I expected after the sodium the day before. This morning I weighed in at 195.4 which I am much happier with! I will still take the 197 as my official weight and we will see what is like after a full week of being dedicated :) I am so enjoying how much extra energy I have now that I am working out again!

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