Thursday, October 14, 2010

Got it done early today

Well I managed to sneak in my workout during the naps today. I did EA Active and a 2 mile run. I almost didn't get to do the run and then it kept getting interrupted for potty breaks (the 2 year old had to go potty, twice). But I got it done. And I feel great! I ran more today than I have before...I think. Out of the 2 miles I ran 1.2 miles of it. In intervals of course. I still can't do more than half a mile at a time for running. But I am getting better. I was able to run a little faster today.

Eating has been great so far. I plan on having my stuffed pepper leftovers f0r dinner tonight while the hubby has the leftover pork sandwhiches. Both sound really yummy right now. I am always really hungry after a workout, but I never know what to eat! I know I need proteins and sugars, but I am not sure what the best thing is. I usually end up eating several small things before I feel even remotely satisfied. Like today I had 2 hard boiled eggs, a cup of fruit, and string cheese. This a great snack for me. But after a run it just doesn't cut it. What do others eat after a great workout??

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