So I have decided that I need to set up a reward system for myself when I reach certain numbers. I am feeling a little stuck right now and having something special to work for (yes, other than being healthy!) might help some. So when I reach each goal and get a reward, I will post the results :)

185 - manicure
175 - mani/pedi
165 - massage
155 - hair cut and colored - so excited for this one!
145 -
135 - new workout clothes
125 - GOAL

So I am still trying to figure out two of them, not sure what else I might reward myself with....maybe sign up for a half marathon at 145?? I will continue thinking about it, but in the meantime I am off to accomplish my first goal! I will also reward myself with a new outfit or article of clothing when I reach a in 190, 180, 170, etc. I am looking forward to owning a pair of pants that actually fit!