Sunday, November 7, 2010

Emotional eating

Today was not a good day for me. Not only did I wake up with my daughter's cold, but everyone in our family is sick with the same cold. The girls have it the worst. Sean was up because of it last night. And I was quite miserable due to it most of the day. Add to that the stress of dealing with a hubby that would rather watch football than help with a sick 2 year old, and I was pretty stressed today. It's just so easy to lose your temper when you don't feel well, especially when the child is extremely fussy because they don't feel well. Ugh! Just a crappy day...and my eating showed this. I wanted comfort food this morning, so I started my day with cereal instead of oatmeal. Not that bad, right? Wrong...cereal is a trigger food for me. I had two rather full bowls of frosted flakes which led to cookies, which led to candy, and so on. The only good part of my day was dinner. I ate a great dinner. I made Simple Tuna Burgers and they turned out really yummy. I added cayenne pepper to it because I looove spicy food. They are definitely something I will be making again.

I did not get a run in today because of not feeling well. I am hoping that tomorrow will be better, and not worse! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't end up really sick tomorrow...that would really bite! So I am heading to bed extra early tonight! Well, Sean is calling for me...apparently he wasn't quite finished nursing when I put him to bed :)


  1. Well, Emily, we all have those bad days, don't we? It's over now and you get a brand new chance tomorrow. Let this one go and don't beat yourself up.

    Spicy is good. Good for the cold and I find that spicy food helps curb my appetite quite a bit.

    Hope you and your family are feeling better in the morning!

  2. Thanks! I am feeling somewhat better. I think everyone is, just lots of stuffy/runny noses here. Yuck! And spicy is great for a cold. I also think it helps to curb an appetite. I will almost always choose spicy over non-spicy so thankfully it doesn't bother the little man with nursing at all!

    This morning has already been started off on a better, healthier foot. I try not to let previous difficulties affect me the next day...

  3. Emily,

    I just checked out your blog for the first time. I will definately be a follower. I think we must have been seperated at birth when it comes to eating. Comforting to know there are others to share the journey with (who get it).