Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar is not my friend

I know this. And by know, I mean I KNOW this!

I have studied nutrition now for 3 years. Of course I do not know everything. I am constantly learning more. I love to learn! I love that I can continually better myself. Knowledge is an amazing thing! However, sometimes there is a disconnect between head knowledge and applying it to every day life. I know how to eat healthy and live healthy. Sometimes it's just harder than others!

I missed my blog post yesterday because our internet/cable was out. It was down everywhere around here. So it seems a little unfair that I will miss my goal due to unavoidable things, but that's life. Life is not fair of course. It is what it is and I will move on! Yesterday was a great day for me. I did a 20 minute weight circuit and I ran a mile. Well, I ran most of the mile :) My eating was much better yesterday, until right around dinner time. I think that I just need to eat more after I work out because by the time I was cooking dinner I was starving. Again. I hate that feeling! Because then I have an uncontrollable urge to eat. I say urge and not need because I could have stopped at the 4 baby carrots, or the two cookies, but no, I had to eat 6 cookies plus the carrots. Then I ate dinner on top of it! It's definitely not me eating out of boredom, but I tend to OVEReat when it gets like this. So I need to make sure I do not let it get that bad. I need to have healthier snacks on hand. And I need to get rid of the sugar in the house! The cookies are gone now...sort of. We have all the cookie dough still. So I think that it will be safe to make them after awhile. I need to "detox" my body. I need to get the sugar out! Once it is out, it is MUCH easier for me to avoid. The candy must go as well. I can stay away from the kids' buckets because I would feel much too guilty, but the big bowl of leftover candy from Halloween? Yeah, it's gotta go. It taunts me from it's place above the cupboards. I can see it all day long from where I sit to feed Sean, where I sit with my laptop. It's high enough up that I need a chair to reach it. I only gave in once (on Monday). Honestly it's easier to avoid because I know all the good stuff in there is gone. All that's left is stuff I don't necessarily crave. Ever. The inlaws house is another story. They have all the chocolatey good stuff. We were there today because they are leaving tomorrow. So that temptation will be gone. But not after I had my fill of Snickers, Kit Kats, and Dove dark chocolates. Ahhh well.

One of the things I have been "struggling" with lately is the quality of food versus the quantity of calories. I do know that it is possible to eat whatever foods I want, as long as I am within a certain calorie limit, and I can lose weight. Problem with this scenario is typically eating those foods in such limited amounts may lead to a binge fest later on. When you are used to eating large portions of your favorites, sometimes it's just too hard to simply scale it back. Anyway, I digress. The way I know is best is to eat healthier foods. Eating fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats...these are the foods I need to be consuming. And I mostly do. I typically eat a fairly well rounded, balanced diet. Right now, however, I seem to be justifying this sugar kick with, I know I need the calories because I am still nursing AND I am working out. Hmmm. This doesn't really seem smart. I know that Sean will still be getting the calories he needs. But I am supplying the best milk I can by eating things that are not as nutritious? I am not sure how it all works, but I assume that the food I eat must affect the milk he gets. And just because something is low in calories doesn't make it good for you. So here I sit, desiring to eat healthier and really struggling with all the temptation in the house at the moment. I just don't know what to do! My mom tells me to throw it all away. I might have to do that. I also don't want to take the candy away from the kids, but I don't really want them eating it all either! At this point, they are allowed one piece a day, which doesn't ruin them and doesn't deprive them either. That's a whole other blog post! I would rather give the big bowl of candy away so the hubby doesn't eat it all either (he also doesn't need it!).

What do you do with the Halloween candy that just sits in your house??? Throw it, keep it, give it away?

Oh, and my challenge stats as of yesterday (Day 12):

CE 17/55
RT 3/15
CT 6/20
PG1 11/33
PG2 7/22
PG3 11/33
WL 2.4/8


  1. I don't do Halloween. However, I turned around and bought two cupcakes tonight, so even though I KNOW that sugar is bad for me, I still backslide. I need to get beyond thinking that giving up garbage fuel is NOT a sacrifice, but good for my health. Such a hard thing to do...a mind shift that I really want to make.

  2. I have two little boys, ages 6 & 9. After trick or treating, I let them take turns picking out their favorites. This year they each got to pick out 30 pieces. Those go in rubbermaid containers and are their "treats" for the next year. Right now they have been getting one a day, since it was just Halloween, but after this week it will just be occasionally (to me "treat" is occasional, not every day). All the rest, the husband took to work. I can't have it here. There are other places that will take donated candy. Best of luck!

  3. I put aside 7 pieces (my 5 year olds favoite picks) for her to have one piece a day for a week. I take the rest, and I do mean all the rest and put it in a bowl in my office, and it is gone in five minutes. I just cannot have that around the house like that. I can follow my program and have the occasional planned cup of real ice cream without any "triggering". Having a virtually bottomless supply of candy is another story. I just tell myself that when I really want a recees pb cup, I can plan it into my eating and do it without guilt. I think I know what my next blog entry is going to be about :-)