Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great run today

Had a much better day today! I ended up not doing what I had expected, but it was a great day nonetheless. I didn't get to work much in the kitchen, but I got a great 2 mile run in! I ran more today than I have since the baby was born! And I probably could have kept going. I only quit because I figured I needed to shower so I could nurse Sean. However, he ended up sleeping an hour more than I thought he would! I am not disappointed though. I probably did just what I needed to do :)

I need to update my challenge numbers...I haven't been tracking my food the past 3 days (due to a hectic weekend. I do know where I am sitting in the challenge, I just need to put it together! I should have that to post on tomorrow. I plan on doing some resisitance training tomorrow as well as a run.

I made some AMAZING pork chops tonight with some apples sliced up, a little brown sugar and cinnamon. They were delish! I used some steam fresh veggies and made some stuffing (I only had a small amount of the stuffing). It was something even my oldest ate :) That doesn't happen all the time! Tomorrow night I am planning on making the Deep Dish pizza again. I also plan on making some more snack foods. I roasted some pumpkin seeds yesterday. I need to make some more pumpkin oatmeal cups and hopefully some other good healthy snacks for myself. Yay for a good day!

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