Saturday, November 6, 2010

Down another pound

Today has been a good day all around...I got to take a nice 2 hour nap this morning, worked out for 30 minutes, then ran almost a whole mile! It was my best run yet! I ran all but .1 of it. And that was right after working my legs out. On top of all of this, the hubby declared today that he NEEDS to lose weight. He also worked out, including raking the leaves in the backyard, and he made dinner. He is suddenly interested in healthier foods...not as much as I am, but it's a start! That made my whole day. He is about 285 pounds. Now he's not a small guy, fairly tall at 6'3", but he is definitely in need of dropping at least 50 pounds. He doesn't think he will ever get under 200, which is fine, as long as he is healthy!

Yesterday I decided that I need to do something with the sweet potatoes before they rotted on my counter. So I chopped them up with some carrots, peppers, and zucchini drizzled it with olive oil and added oregano and course sea salt. Threw it all in the oven and roasted them. They turned out AMAZING! I am not usually one for a plate full of veggies, but you best believe that dinner last night as well as lunch and dinner today included half of my plate full of those veggies! The best part is they are so filling! I don't feel like I need to eat my weight in meat to keep myself satisfied. I am not a fan of white potatoes, but they were on sale so we have a bag of them. So the hubby found a recipe for onion, apple, potato hash. I had a small helping of that with dinner tonight. The apples made it seem like I was eating sweet potatoes! Oh, and I decided that since I was going to have to use up the rest of that chocolate chip cookie dough, I needed to make cookies that I won't feel guilty about eating. So I tried Roni's Molasses Cookies and they are sooo incredibly good! I was nervous that I wouldn't like them because they wouldn't be sweet. They are the perfect amount of sweetness. Even the hubby like them, although he commented that they definitely weren't sweet. I thought they were perfect! I will definitely be making those again! Elise had a blast "helping" make the cookies.

So I am completely satisfied with my day today, even though I didn't lose the 2 pounds I had hoped for. One pound is still awesome since I am now 1 pound closer to my goal. I know that I had a few rough days this past week with the candy, so I know that this coming week will be better. The hubby and I will be working out a menu tomorrow, I will get the necessary groceries on Monday. I am currently trying to use up the tons of food we have in our pantry, so I am trying to create our menu around that. So far it has worked out really well for us. I know that Shannon actually blogged about that either yesterday or today. It can be tough to eat healthy on such a tight budget, but we are managing! Tomorrow I am also planning on at least a 2 mile run, hopefully outside! We'll see how that goes....

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