Friday, November 5, 2010

A 5k for Thanksgiving?

I have been in search of a Turkey Trot to do this year. It would be a first for me. Of course I cannot find one that is close. There are some in the cities, but I really don't like the cities. I am a small town girl. Or at least smallish towns. It's at least a 40 minute drive to the cities, and then there's the traffic. Eww. I hate traffic. I also don't really like large crowds. I know that races are usually large amounts of people, but the cities have HUGE crowds. There is one more local, but it's not ON Thanksgiving. It's on the 13th. Or the 18th. I found both dates for the same place.

So here's my idea. And it might be more than I can handle, but here it is anyway. I want to start my own. Does that sound crazy? Because it does to me! Obviously I won't be able to do it this year, although I still will do something this year. The hubby even agreed to do it with me! I would love to plan and organize a Turkey Trot race in my area for next year. I would love to have the proceeds of said race go to families that cannot afford a meal for Thanksgiving...or something along those lines. I would want the proceeds to go a worthy charity. I am not sure how to go about said project. Do I need to contact the city in order to get a spot to hold the race? Does anyone have any experience doing such things? I welcome any and all advice regarding starting a race! I think that there is not enough emphasis on a healthy lifestyle these days, especially during the holidays. I am excited to reach out to others and get them excited about running. Or even just walking! Am I crazy here? Or is this something that is totally doable???


  1. Before you go to your city hall, hop onto google maps and find a few options for a 5K loop. I also saw somebody post pictures from a 5K that was just at a running track, so if there's a high school or community college with a track, that could work too. If your city has a parks and recreation department, go to them first and if you know somebody who works for the city, even if they're just a maintenance person or something, they might be a useful resource in knowing some of the ins and outs of city hall and who to talk to about organizing events, etc (or maybe not). You'll like also want a "cause" for your proceeds to go to and maybe to help win over your city, you could offer to donate proceeds to local schools or a city recreation program or something like that.

    Depending on the venue, you may have to pay to rent or reserve whatever plot of land you want to run on and you'll have to look into liability and first aid stuff as well. If you're on public or city property, it may get steep unless you're city is chill.

    Hope that helped. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much for the information! I was beginning to think I should start with a cause first and then figure out the rest of it. There are so many good causes to donate money to, the hard part will be figuring out which one to do. I am going to do some more research on all of this and keep everyone posted on how it all works out!