Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling good

Funny how some days you just feel really good. About almost everything.

Although this is only partly true about today as I am currently beginning to feel crappy, but that is just the cold talking. Other than fighting off this silly sore throat and stuffy nose, I feel great today! It's absolutely amazing how our bodies are created to fuel it with healthy, nutritious food and it rewards you with feeling great and more energy.

Yesterday is just a bad memory. I did not let it affect my attitude today. Even when I saw another gain on the scale this morning. I could have not weighed myself, but I have learned in the past that weighing myself after a binge day and seeing a gain is actually good for me. It shows me that I really did nothing good for myself by gorging on sugar. I had a scrumptious breakfast to start my morning off and I have stayed on track all day long. I even got a 2 mile run in today. Each run is getting a little easier, a little faster, and a lot more enjoyable.

When I began running again after Sean was born, it was difficult. I still enjoyed the feeling afterwards, the endorphin rush of completing a great workout. However, I would be stiff and sore, it would be difficult to climb the stairs. Just after 2 miles, and that wasn't even running the whole time, not even half the time! Now I am running the majority of the 2 miles (I am working my way up to running the whole thing) and I am not sore after anymore. Instead I feel incredibly energized. Today I even wondered if I should have tried for 3 miles because 2 was almost too easy. Although if you had asked me while I was on the treadmill if I thought I could do it I would have laughed in your face and said Absolutely NOT!

I am feeling my body getting back to where it was last summer. Where it was fueled with good, real food and it was being worked out with strength training and running, training for a 5k and then a 10k. I knew I was still 30 or 40 pounds away from my goal weight back then, but I was learning how amazing my body was and learning to love my body as it was. Now I am 40 pounds heavier than last summer, and I am relearning this all over again. I really dislike what my body looks like, most of the time. But if I can get past what it looks like on the outside and focus on what it does for me every single day, despite what I have done to it, I am in awe. I need to remember this feeling. I need to remember that my body thanks me when I fuel it the right way. My body thanks me when I try to get it into better shape. Our bodies want to be healthy, they were created to be healthy. They were created to function properly. It is my responsibility to give it what it needs. It's the only body I will ever have, and I need to treat it better. I deserve to feel good. Even if I am not happy, yet, with the shape of my body, it is getting closer every day to it's ideal shape.

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