Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can't get up in the morning...

I need a new plan. I need to make time for my workouts during the day, but I don't know where they should be. I usually feed Sean between 5 and 5:30 in the morning. I contemplated just staying up and working out then. However, last night he decided to get up at 2 am as well. My bed just called my name! I am planning on running during Elise's nap, if Sean also takes a nap. Otherwise I may call my mom to come over to watch him so I can get it in. I NEED a plan of action, something that I can stick to everyday. I don't know how to get there. Mornings are just sooo hard! I always seem to talk myself out of it. My goal is today is to restart the C25k. Not sure where to start though. I am sure that week 1 will be too easy. And possibly even week 2. So I may try week 3 just to see where I am at and go from there.

Yesterday I wrote down everything I ate. I wrote down the calories of all the stuff I knew the calories of. The only thing I didn't know was the fruit I had. I didn't eat well all day, but I tracked it. I owned it. The scale showed down 1 lb since yesterday, which is always encouraging. So far today my eating has been stellar. I am planning a low calorie meal for dinner, I already know what I will eat for's in between there that's the hardest! I need to get more fresh fruits and veggies today so I have healthier food to munch on. I also need the option of something sweet. Yesterday when my sweet tooth kicked in I had 2 toaster struedels...Not the healthiest choice! I need to find something that will satisfy my sweet tooth without making me feel crappy for eating it!

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