Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Day

I love that every day is a new day. You get a fresh start every morning. A clean slate. The only problem with that philosophy is that if something bad happens to you, you chalk it up to a bad day and the rest of your day goes to hell. Not so much a fan of that. So on top of every day is a new day, every choice is a new choice. I can choose to not let the fact that I had a rough moment ruin the rest of my day. Living moment by moment, not allowing one bad decision to mean that more bad decisions need to follow. I did that today. We went to the Rennessaince Festival today. For many people that means gorging on food. Thankfully I am not one of those people. However, today was the wine and chocolate weekend. I am nursing, so the wine tastings were out for me, which I am totally ok with. But there was chocolate! There were a few places sampling chocolate, so I had a couple of bites. I even indulged in a chocolate covered strawberry! I had a slice of cheesecake covered in chocolate (that was my big treat, my hubbie got cheese curds). All in all, I ended up doing all right. I allowed myself to have little tastes of things, knowing this isn't a normal day for me. Treating myself in situations like this is ok because I do not overindulge. I had enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not so much that I felt sick (which is something I usually do). So I will take my successes today and move on to the next moment. The next choice.

We walked a ton and my feet are sore. However, I am thinking I will try and get up before the kids and walk on the treadmill in the morning. Either that or I will walk during Elise's nap. I watched The Biggest Loser's premier on tonight. I didn't even realize it was back on! That show always motivates me so much! I know that the weight loss and progress shown on the show is quicker than it will be for me, but it keeps me going when I feel like I am struggling. While I was watching I realized that for the first time in my life I am THAT heavy! I mean, I know I just had a baby, but some of those women were only a little heavier than me. At my heighest weight (which was the day I gave birth) of 224 put me 100 lbs overweight. I am now, as of this morning, 198.4. The heaviest weight I remember being at non-pregnant was 186. So I am still 12 pounds heavier than my heaviest weight prior to this pregnancy. I am not proud of the fact that I gained so much weight. I am very excited that I have lost as I have already. Last pregnancy I lost 22 pounds right away and then stayed like that for 10 months. Yuck. I am already down 25.6 which is almost halfway to prepregnancy weight.

Oh, and my water goal? I am almost done with my 4th Camelbak of water for the day, plus I had a 20 oz bottle of water at the Festival. So I am counting today as a successful water day as well. And just because it will help me keep things in perspective, I will end with my food intake for the day:

Small bowl of Oatmeal Squares
1 banana
slice of cheesecake dipped in chocolate
1 cheese curd
bowl of white rice w/terriyaki chicken
4 very small pieces of chocolate
1 chocolate covered strawberry
turkey wrap w/shredded cheese, spinach, mayo
leftover chowmein
2 slivers of fudge
1 white chocolate macedamia nut cookie
2 vanilla cookies
1 sugar cookie

Total overload on sweets. Again, I know this was because of the day and it's not normally like that. It also looks a lot worse than I thought it was! So tomorrow I will make sure to go easy on the sweets!

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