Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well this challenge seems to be just that, challenging!

I am having a really hard time with making sure I am eating healthier and walking more. I don't know why it's so hard! I still haven't gone to the grocery store! We have so many canned goods in the house so I have been playing around with different things in the kitchen. Most of them involve pasta since we also have a plethera of that in our pantry. I am just trying to clear some stuff out of there. We also have a TON of beans and lentils. I want to make soups, but I need fresh veggies to do that. Which means I need to go to the store. It's so hard to coordinate the two little ones in order to go to the store. We are totally out of milk now, so I HAVE to go tomorrow. I am planning on putting some oatmeal in the crock pot tonight so we have steel cut oats for breakfast tomorrow. That way I don't have to worry about making breakfast in the morning. Mornings have been pretty hectic here.

As for the walking, well I should be walking while Elise is napping. That has been my goal. However, today Sean happened to sleep at the same time as Elise...so I totally took advantage and I crashed for about 1 1/2 hours. I totally needed it! Sean has been pretty much sleeping through the night, but I am still up a lot because he's supposed to be up...I just wake up when he should! Anyway, I am still so exhausted from that, and I guess maybe from the calories being burned by breastfeeding. I haven't weighed myself in the last few days. I know I am not down though, but that's from sodium. I need to flush out my system! I could get up earlier in the morning, but that's tough because I am so tired. I know that if I start walking daily I will have more energy, but it's so hard to believe when you are on the back side of that. It's a tough cycle to be in! If Sean eats early enough tomorrow (would have to be around 6 or so) I will try and get on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes. I should have done it this morning after he went back to bed, but my bed was totally calling my name even though I only got about 10 more minutes of sleep! I am really struggling with how to fit exercise into my day. I need to just do it. My 6 week visit will be next week and I will be given the go ahead to exercise again and I am not going to be ready for it! I wanted to have been walking this whole time so I could start running right away. I am beginning to think that running may actually be a little painful right now...

I am going to try a little harder this week to get back on board. Being done with school for a quarter now will definitely help. I had my last few weeks of school and being really behind in homework weighing over my head last week. This weekend we were out of town. But this is no excuse, especially not for the almost completely empty bag of candy corn that has been mainly consumed by me since Sunday! Yikes! I need to make HEALTHY choices!

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