Sunday, September 12, 2010

8 Week Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday I had really high hopes to take a nice long walk with my husband, Elise, and Sean(Neika was at her dad's). However, when Sean's diaper managed to explode on me, I had no pants to wear and was therefore unable to actually go on my walk. I was very sad about that since I had set those goals for myself. Although, I knew it didn't have to happen yesterday, I just really wanted to get out there. So today my husband made sure we were able to go. I went to my mom's house so he could take a nap without me being mad that he was sleeping :) Then afterwards we drove over to Excelsior and we walked about 25 minutes down the trail and then turned back. We turned back mostly because of the bugs, plus Sean was going to need to eat soon. The walk was great. I was pushing Elise in her stroller and she kept putting her hands up and saying "shake your whole body...SUPER FAST!!" which is from the little Disney cartoon show Little Einsteins. So when she would say super fast I would run for about 5 seconds, maybe 10 depending on my mood. She thought it was hilarious. I thought it was wonderful! I really miss running! I can't wait to start up again! So it gave me a small taste of running, which really motivated me. It wasn't I know I didn't run for long times or distances, but I did do this the whole 25 minute walk back to the car. Probably ever 2 or 3 minutes. I felt awesome that I finally got out for a nice walk.
I also managed to do ok with food, for the majority of the day. I measured out Raisin Bran for breakfast this morning rather than free pouring a bowl of Captain Crunch. I made a HUGE salad for myself to take to my mom's. It had a whole fresh homegrown tomato, half a fresh homegrown cucumber, a handful of baby was really good. I allowed myself to have ranch dressing since I can't cut my calories too much. The point isn't to cut my calories at this point in time, but to make healthier choices. So the reason I had the salad was so I wouldn't eat a huge plateful of chow mein at my mom's (it's homemade and lower in sodium than most, and absolutey delish!). I figured out the calories for it, definitely not a high calorie dish, which is good to know! So I had a small serving of that. Then when we went for our walk, I realized that I really hadn't had all that many calories and my lunch was wearing off. So I stopped at a gas station and got a ham and cheese sandwhich. Not the greatest option, but it was something. I wanted to treat myself, so I bought a Skor bar. This would have been totally fine in my book, but then when we went to dinner we went to Adel's which has really good deli sandwhiches. I got a club, which is also delish. I only ate about half my chips. Adel's is actually famous for it's custard. So we couldn't leave without some of course. I got small (usually I would get a large) concrete with snickers. Extra snickers. I am a little upset at myself for getting it, but on the brighter side, it was a smaller size than I normally get, so that's a better choice. I also didn't finish it. So that's another positive. Baby steps.
Now I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get some good food back in the house. I need to plan out a menu for the week so that we have dinners all figured out ahead of time. This will eliminate the need to order out or anything for the week.

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