Saturday, September 11, 2010


So one of the blogs I follow is Roni's Weigh, which actually is the blog that led me to Blog To Lose which is the site that I have been blogging at for the last year and a half, off and on anyway. I was reading up on Roni's blog today and catching up on the last weeks worth of postings since I hadn't been able to read them yet. She had someone else to a posting on goals this week and it looks like she will be posting something there once a week during an eight week challenge. I was actually hesitant to post any goals for myself since I am still within the first six weeks of giving birth. But then I figured that this was a very lame excuse, so I set two goals for myself for the next eight weeks. Eight weeks seems easy enough! If I don't start now, I won't start until I am done nursing. I need to stop being nervous about my milk supply. There are plenty of mom's that workout and still feed their babies. So, that being said, here are my goals for the next 8 weeks.

Goal 1: For the first 3 weeks, I will walk 3 times a week. Then once I am given the go ahead from the doctor, I will start running again. My goal for the last 5 weeks is to get back into training for a 5k at least 3 times a week. I am sooo excited to do this!

Goal 2: I need a food related goal. I know I need to eat a lot of calories, but they don't need to be empty calories. My goal is to eat healthy meals at least 5 days a week. I am not going to kill myself over it if I can't do it 7 days a week, that seems unreasonable. 5 days a week seems reasonable. I need to be making healthier choices for snacks. I have been doing ok, but I have been really craving sweets. No more DQ trips though. They have to stop. I will be making a grocery list to stock up on some healthier options for snacks in the house.

I am planning on starting an excel spreadsheet of my weight progress as well as how often I workout. I am hoping to be able to take that information and see how the exercise affects the weight loss. Not sure how that will all work out, but it will give me one place to track it all daily. I weighed in at 201.8 this morning. So I finally broke through the 202 barrier. I can't wait to be out of the 200s. I really don't like being this heavy. I know that there are moments that it really affects my mood...especially on the days that my clothes just don't fit right. I know I need to give myself time since I just had the baby, but I am very anxious to drop this baby weight.

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