Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bottomless Pit

That's how I feel a bottomless pit! I can't seem to eat enough to satisfy me. I am drinking lots of water to try and help the situation, but I still seem to be hungry. I did not get to the grocery store today, nor did I get a chance to walk, but I did make dinner. It wasn't the "healthiest" option, but I had a small portion of it and had a salad with fresh from the garden veggies. But then I topped it off with a Hershey's bar (I seriously need to get this junk out of my house!). My day started a little hectic again, I think it will until we get a routine figured out. And I almost didn't get breakfast, so I grabbed the rest of Elise sandwhich from Jimmy Johns from the night before. It was about half a sandwhich. I was so hungry I thought I might pass out! We didn't have anything else easily accessible. So when we came back from the bus stop, I had a bowl of Raisin Bran. Lunch was a huge helping of leftover spaghetti and some garlic bread, with 3 oreos for dessert. It would have been only 2, but there was 3 left in the package, and who leaves 1 oreo?? I mean, come on! Dinner was "crap in a pan" which is something my mom makes. It's chicken and either rice or noodles covered with either alfredo sauce or spaghetti sauce plus whatever else you have in the fridge. I used alfredo sauce since we had spaghetti two nights ago. I put some cheese (not as much as I used to use), chicken broth, cream of mushroom soup, a little ranch dressing, and a little water. I poured that mixture over egg noodles and four chicken breasts that I cut into smaller portions. I took about a cup of the noodle mixture and two small cut up pieces of chicken for my dinner. It was sooo good. I need to figure out the calorie count on it. I am sure it's pretty high. I am going to try and figure out what veggies would be good to put in there and make it lighter. I thought about putting broccoli in it, but my oldest does NOT eat cooked broccoli. So I need to figure out a way to sneak veggies in it without her knowing. I used the other 2 chicken breasts that came in the package to make a topping for salads for lunches the next few days. I just cut the chicken into strips and put it in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and put some spices on yummy! I usually cook it until it's a little crispy.

So that's my day today. I feel like I ate all day, but I guess I really didn't do sooo bad. Not as bad as I thought, unless I am forgetting something that I ate...oh yeah, I had a blueberry bagel with cream cheese too! I knew I forgot something. I am just trying to listen to my body's cues and eat when I am hungry. Again, the problem is not having healthy options in my house. But getting to the grocery store is tough since I am supposed to be doing homework. I have 10 papers due by Friday, granted they are all short, but still. I have 2 quizes, 1 final, and I have a convention to go to tomorrow. I still don't know how I am going to swing that since I am still breastfeeding and I am supposed to be gone for several hours. It's also downtown Minneapolis. I hate driving downtown. I am really not looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe I just won't go...but then I would probably have to write yet another paper...ugh! I am feeling very stressed out about it right now.

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